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ABC Acai Berry Soft Gel

All Genuine ABC acai berry soft gels are with laser mark ABC on each soft gel. 

ABC acai berry soft gel is the strong enhanced formula of the original ABC acai berry capsules, which take advantage of the advanced herbal slimming soft gel and enable all-around enhancement of weight loss performance.

100% Pure Dried Acai Berry

Top Strong Acai DietAcai colon cleanserAppetite suppressantLose up to 30 pounds in only 4 weeks!

Acai Berry Capsule (Double Effects) helps on fast fat reducing and skin care, the unique formula of Pure Acai Berry extracts and carefully selected Chinese herbs will benefit your health like never before.



Appetite Suppressant    

Skin Beautification    

Increase Metabolism    

No Side Effects    

No Rebounding Effect

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